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Contaminants. Costs.

Water Shortages.


US oil and gas industry generates approximately 3,400

billion L of produced water each year.

For every barrel of oil produced, 3 - 5 barrels of water are produced. 

The EPA regulates how produced water is handled.

This water is salty and can contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. 

Trucking water out and injecting it underground are extremely costly and inefficient methods of managing produced water.


OmniHydrate aims to simplify the oil & gas produced water process, reduce significant cost, and protect our groundwater.*





*OmniSolve products are under development, are not available for sale, and have not been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for sale or use.

Our atomization technology is shown to be effective in removing solids from this produced water, which allows the water to be safely evaporated into the atmosphere, eliminating the need to transport water to another location.* 

What makes us different? 
Our technology will make it possible for produced water on-site to be dispensed of immediately and safely.*



We aim to solve the problem of produced water...
affordably and safely.

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