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Off Target. Overspray. Drift.

Farmers face a unique set of challenges in protecting their fields. 


From crop loss to lawsuits to overspray, producers deserve precision solutions that reduce their risk.

Our food system deserves better.

OmniTarget is focusing its technology to produce precise droplet size and coverage, while minimizing particle drift. 





Our technology aims to eliminate product waste

and optimizes on-target spraying

of common herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.*

*OmniSolve products are under development, are not available for sale, and have not been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for sale or use.

Our agricultural spray nozzle technology is currently being tested in lab and on-farm to verify our preliminary results. 


What makes us different? 

Our proprietary atomization technology can be customized to any range of droplet size, providing a robust solution for a variety of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.* 

We deliver on-target spraying,
while ensuring particle drift is kept at bay.*



We aim to provide more than drift control...
We offer complete coverage.

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