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Who Is OmniSolve?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

“Our “why” is about customizing scalable fluid solutions for the benefit of people, profit, and planet.”

Micro-scale Innovation for Macro-scale Problems

OmniSolve was born out of a desire to make fluid application more efficient for essential businesses. If your company uses or sells sprays, treatments, or coatings, chances are you have probably considered how to optimize them.

You may have a liquid product that doesn’t apply easily or evenly. Perhaps your facility uses outdated equipment to coat seeds or apply paint to a surface. You may have noticed a process in your facility that could be improved by implementing a coating, spraying, or printing device. Maybe you want to address the performance of your aerosol or foam products. Whatever the case, fluid application often brings with it costly and potentially hazardous side effects. As a global licensing and prototyping company with over 100 patents and multiple applications in microfluidics, Zyxogen creates micro-scale innovations for these kinds of macro-scale problems. Our “why” is about customizing scalable fluid solutions for the benefit of people, profit, and planet. The agriculture industry needs precision devices that can apply seed coatings efficiently and spray treatments without the risk of drift. So how do we help our food system safely move more seeds to table? The health and beauty industry relies on product safety and quality performance. Reducing carbon footprint and protecting human health are increasingly important to the consumer. So how do we marry high-performance products with low negative impact? Our answer is Microfluidics. OmniSolve (formerly Zyxogen) has a 10-year history of researching, developing, and commercializing these kinds of everyday microfluidic solutions for specific industry pain points. With our technology, your business can meet its triple bottom line of protecting people, profit, and planet. Reach out anytime. We want to collaborate with you to implement affordable, transformative solutions.

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