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OmniSolve Secures Atomization Patent: Adding to portfolio of over 100

OmniSolve has secured another patent, this time for a multi-orifice nozzle and associated components for droplet atomization.

This is a liquid flow-focusing apparatus for droplet atomization, which may include a dispensing body, including a liquid duct and a gas duct defined therein. It may also include multiple nozzle wells defined in the dispensing body. Additionally, a plurality of flow-focusing nozzle inserts are involved.

These devices for dispensing liquids may be used in a variety of settings. One such setting includes the treatment of seeds with chemical agents, such as antimicrobials, fungicides, insecticides, coloring agents, fertilizer, growth promoters, etc.

This technology improves the consistency and uniformity of seed coverage in the seed treatment process, and the apparatus can assume various orientations, which can significantly optimize a facility's operations.

On an industrial scale, the balance between effective coverage and efficient processes with high yield is crucial.

Atomization is everywhere, but most of us have no idea it exists. It's used in applying paint, spraying perfume, as an integral part of fuel injection systems, in spray drying processes, and beyond.

Through OmniSolve's ongoing R&D and expanding patent portfolio, we aim to infuse the benefits of atomization across many more industries.

OmniSolve's ever-growing patent portfolio in atomization and precision spray technology spans industries from agriculture to public safety. Our technologies fundamentally economize the spray application process, with capabilities down to the nano level of precision.

Safety is a top priority for OmniSolve, so for every application we develop, we ensure our methods are meeting the highest environmental standards.

The future of spray is atomization, and we are doing our part to make a fundamental difference.

For almost every spray, we can create an ideal application that exceeds projected outcomes and cuts costs.

Atomization is a triple bottom line opportunity. Reach out to us today to discuss a tailored atomization solution for your business.

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